Current Location: South Africa | Guateng



Gauteng is not only the commercial center of the country.  It has a lot more to offer, and many visitors miss out on the wealth of attractions  by viewing it only in transit from the airport in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is a vibrant city, packed with nightclubs, shopping malls and places of historical interest. Here you can learn more about the gold-rush that changed the face of South Africa forever, shop for authentic arts, crafts, and jewelry, rave the night away or dine out in a gourmet’s paradise.

Township based tour companies offer day tours to Soweto, South Africa’s most famous township, where you can visit a shebeen (bootlegger), and learn more about the history and culture of the area which played such an important role in the struggle against Apartheid.


Not far from Johannesburg, on the Highveld, live some of Africa’s most fascinating people – the Ndebele. Here you can spend time among a nation of true artists, people who have honed the art of decoration to perfection, be it the fabulous paint-work adorning their homes or the intricate beadwork worn by the women.

Pretoria became infamously synonymous for the Apartheid government. It is now a lively cultural center, where young and creative people mingle with their more conservative forefathers. It is a place where music is heard everywhere, where new bands are born and emerging artists thrive. It is the one place where you can feel the bump and grind of the past and future rubbing along together, heading for the millennium with the hope and energy of a nation reborn.

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